Where to Find the Best Offers for Lanzarote Property Purchase?

In the last five years, Spain started to gain popularity as the best location for tourists and people who want to move there permanently. Consequently, it boosted the investment rates, so right now, Spain is among the three most visited countries in the world. Lanzarote is a particularly enchanting place due to its perfect climate, low crime rate, low cost of living, and numerous attractions. That’s why it’s only logical to look for properties for sale Lanzarote. So, where can you find the best purchase offers? Here’s the list of top three solutions: Read more

How to Choose and Purchase Property in Lanzarote Successfully

The number of people who grow tired of the hectic and stressful pacing of the modern life and wish to move elsewhere is growing constantly. In the last ten years, Spain started to gain popularity by attracting the attention of tourists, people in search of a new place for living, and of investors. Lanzarote is a particularly appealing area as it’s represented by fantastic sights, low costs of living, low crime rates, and various locations that can satisfy anyone. Whether you’re a social person or love seclusion, you’ll be able to find a perfect house for you. Read more

Modern Robinson Crusoe: Buying a Home on a Spanish Island

From the moment Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe novel was published, people began to dream about getting to a deserted island and staying there, building a life for themselves away from civilization. However, the reason that stops the majority from doing so is simple — it’s too dangerous. Seclusion is good, but the lack of civilization means no healthcare, no basic supplies, and no way of connecting with someone in case something happens. Read more