How to Choose and Purchase Property in Lanzarote Successfully

The number of people who grow tired of the hectic and stressful pacing of the modern life and wish to move elsewhere is growing constantly. In the last ten years, Spain started to gain popularity by attracting the attention of tourists, people in search of a new place for living, and of investors. Lanzarote is a particularly appealing area as it’s represented by fantastic sights, low costs of living, low crime rates, and various locations that can satisfy anyone. Whether you’re a social person or love seclusion, you’ll be able to find a perfect house for you.

So, how to do that? There are several key factors that you have to consider:

  • Determining your preferences;
  • Evaluating what you can afford;
  • Hiring a lawyer and/or an estate agent;
  • Making a purchase.


Your preferences are essential for choosing and purchasing just the right property. First, there are various types of locations in Lanzarote. You can choose a small village or even a total seclusion in the mountains, near the sea, or next to the forest. You can also choose a town like Playa Blanca, which is more lively than villages but quieter than the cities. Then, you can move to cities, with modern, busy way of life softened by the local culture. There are homes for sale Lanzarote in almost every location, so you have to decide what pace would be the best for you.

Evaluation of your financial capabilities is also a must. Depending on the location you’re interested in, search for the types of houses you’d like to buy. A one-bedroom apartment? A three-story house? A luxury villa? The prices start at about 150, 000$. You’ll also have to pay some fees, so take them into consideration.

The third step for choosing and purchasing the perfect house for sale Lanzarote involves getting a lawyer or a Spanish estate agent who can help you significantly. They’ll take care of the entire process and they’ll ensure that you get the best offer. Once you decide what place you want to buy, you’ll have to pay a reservation fee and then 10% of the total cost, to prove that your intentions are serious. You’ll also have to sign some papers.

In between four to six weeks after that, you’ll have to transfer the rest of the money and then your purchase will be completed! Decide what house you want and where you want it. Calculate what you can afford and find a good lawyer, and you’ll be a happy owner of Spanish property in no time!

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