Modern Robinson Crusoe: Buying a Home on a Spanish Island

From the moment Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe novel was published, people began to dream about getting to a deserted island and staying there, building a life for themselves away from civilization. However, the reason that stops the majority from doing so is simple — it’s too dangerous. Seclusion is good, but the lack of civilization means no healthcare, no basic supplies, and no way of connecting with someone in case something happens.

Luckily, in modern days, it is possible to get seclusion without being cut off from the society entirely. Spain in general and Lanzarote, in particular, are the best places for purchasing a house. By watching Lanzarote property sales, you’ll be able to buy a house in the most perfect area for a relatively cheap price.    

Why Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is represented by several key advantages that make it a perfect spot for everyone, including those who wouldn’t mind living the Robinson Crusoe style of life without its disadvantages. Namely, there are four top reasons that enhance Lanzarote’s attractiveness:

  • Excellent climate all year long;
  • Amazing sights;
  • Secluded places for living.

Lanzarote is well known for its mild climate that changes only barely throughout the year. Do you hate cold winters and chilly autumns? You won’t have to worry about it here. The lowest temperature is usually around 13 degrees Celsius, so you’ll never have to drown yourself in heavy sweaters to get warm.  Summers are much hotter — however, if you hate the heat, it’s also not a problem. You can study all the available properties in Lanzarote and purchase one closer to the forest and/or mountains.

Amazing sights transform Lanzarote into a completely new world that you’ll be stunned to see. Robinson Crusoe got used to his island, even though it never became his rightful home. You, on the other hand, will be easily able to adjust to a life in some of the most beautiful places in Spain. The Volcano Park, caves, exotic gardens, valleys, and mountains — you’ll be fascinated with the sights Lanzarote offers.

There are many different secluded villas that you could buy in Lanzarote, in whatever location you prefer. This way, you won’t be surrounded by people, but you also wouldn’t have to worry about possible danger. Lanzarote has some of lowest crime rates in Europe. Also, while a villa in the mountains and next to the forest is secluded, you can still easily reach civilization if you need it. Internet, phone calls, and healthcare centers are available in the majority of places.

If you’re interested in experiencing what it’s like to live in seclusion safely, in one of the most stunning areas in the world, Lanzarote’s secluded villas will be the perfect option for you. Just check the properties and make your decision.

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